I moved to the UK in 2015, just 6 weeks after my daughter was born. Coming to a new country with three little kids isn’t easy, let alone with a newborn.
After feeling pretty isolated, I thought about ways I could use my degree – in Health Care Management – and bring my kids along. So, I discovered that there weren’t any trainers in Peterborough yet and I took some additional courses to become a pre- and postnatal trainer and started my own classes.

I have already met so many incredible mums, and I know how isolating motherhood can be. Even when you haven’t just moved, sometimes it’s just because all your other friends don’t have kids yet, or have older kids and are back at work.

My classes give you an opportunity to meet other mums and to do something good for yourself. I always encourage mums to come along, even if their little ones have had a bad day/night and are whiny. I’d rather have him/her being cranky at class, than you sitting by yourself at home with a whiny baby. It’s good to get out and be in fresh air 🙂