How does the program work?

1.  Analysis and Preparation

The first appointment lasts 60 minutes. We will look at your posture and breathing technique and start with a massage. We will prepare your body to relearn how to activate muscles that have been asleep for a while.

Phase 1  – 30 minutes session each week for 3 Months

In this phase its about relearning your breathing and reconnecting with your core muscles. Learning to activate your core is the basis of a successful recovery. Here we will look at your breathing techniques, your rib position, how big your gap is and which muscles aren’t activating the way they should. It is possible to have to repeat this stage, if after three months the results aren’t there yet. 
Each session you will get homework to do at home during the week. 
180€ per month

Phase 2 – 30 minutes sessions bi-weekly

In this phase its all about strengthening your muscles. 
After you learned how to activate your core muscles again and feel reconnected to your core, we will work on strenghtening your core and whole body – as everything is connected. Your posture plays an important role in getting the results you want.
90 € per month 

What you will be investing in yourself?

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