Right before my summer break, my first small group finished their Every Woman course. Which is a 6week programme that focuses on integrating pelvic floor exercises into every day life movements. Clients also learn how to balance their hormones better with nutritious food and life style changes. Did you know that having enough rest, really affects your hormones??
Changing one thing at a time and doing your homework are the essential parts of this course to see amazing results.

Everyone who participated had really good visible results and also felt a big difference in their pelvic floor. I really enjoyed teaching this course and helping those women to achieve great results.

Here is what one of my clients said, after the course :
Who is your Holistic Core Restore® Coach? *
Dori Randazzo
How was the course beneficial to you? What positive results have you seen? *
It has helped strengthen both my core and pelvic floor. And despite not being the best student with homework etc, I still did see some good results. I now how the knowledge and equipment to continue stretching and toning, to ensure I continue the good work that Dori and this course has started!
What did you enjoy most about the course? *
It was very intimate and friendly and Dori was very supportive, and encouraged you regularly and not just once a week at class.
Could the programme be improved in anyway? *
Have Dori move in with you to cook the delicious food we tried!

Looking forward to the next course starting in September.

Holistic Core Restore® Small Group Course

6 week programme