After over eight years of experience in the field of diastasis recti rehabilitation, helping countless mums regain their postnatal bodies, it’s time for an update. The journey through postnatal rehabilitation has taught me a lot. Every mum I have had the privilege of accompanying has given me new insights into the diversity and complexity of the healing process. With this experience under my belt, I am delighted to present my renewed offer: Rectus Diastasis 2.0.

Individual assessment: the start of the journey

The foundation of Rectus Diastasis 2.0 is a personalised assessment. Here we take the time to comprehensively analyse your situation – from your breathing and posture to the size and position of your rectus diastasis. We also look at the pelvic floor to get a holistic picture of your postnatal health. This step allows us to develop a customised programme that is tailored precisely to your needs.

Phase 1: Building a basis

In the first phase of our programme, the focus is on developing and activating your core. Through weekly appointments, we ensure close monitoring of your progress and the development of a solid foundation. This phase is crucial for developing a deep understanding and effective activation of the relevant muscles. The time and discipline we invest here are crucial to the success of the entire rehabilitation process.

Phase 2: Strengthening and functionality

Once a strong foundation has been created, we focus on rebuilding the muscles and restoring everyday movements in phase 2. Here we gradually increase the intensity to progress to functional training. The appointments in this phase can take place fortnightly to monitor your progress and adjust the training accordingly.

Why the change?

Experience has shown that the original 12-week programmes and fortnightly appointments are not always sufficient to achieve the desired results. Each phase lasts 3 months and can be repeated if necessary. Large rectus diastases can take up to 2 years to become functional again.
With Rectus Diastasis 2.0, I want to ensure that every mum gets the support and time she needs to achieve her goals. It is important to me not only to offer short-term solutions, but to take a sustainable and holistic approach to postnatal rehabilitation.


The launch of Rectus Diastasis 2.0 marks the beginning of a new chapter in supporting mothers on their path to healing and strengthening after childbirth. With individually tailored programmes based on in-depth analysis and close support, together we will lay the foundations for successful rehabilitation. I look forward to accompanying you on this journey.
If you would also like support with the rehabilitation of your rectus diastasis, then make your first assessment appointment now!