When it comes to postpartum sports, there are now various tips and hints everywhere. When you ask if you are ready to do more, there is no standard answer. BUT you have to individually look at how the body of each woman behaves.

During pregnancy, all the muscles of the core (middle of the body) are stressed very much. The center of gravity of the body changes and with it the back muscles have to work harder, the abdominal muscles are stretched and the pelvic floor has to carry much more than usual. Therefore, we develop patterns of movement that work against the whole. We breathe shallower, the pelvis tilts, so hip flexors and lower back muscles work harder and the straight abdominal muscles are stretched and can no longer do their job completely.
After birth, however, the body does not automatically switch back to the better patterns of movement, but often retains what has somehow worked in the last 40 weeks.

And here comes a specific training into play.
Many women who want to have a flat stomach again after the birth, start super motivated with the known abdominal exercises such as crunches, planks and the like. Due to the strong expansion of the abdominal wall in pregnancy, but also the Linea Alba (the midline) is very much stretched and weakened. If this is still weak and we perform a crunch, then the abdominal wall can not withstand the pressure and it creates a Bauchvölbung. This means internal organs are pushed outward. This can also occur when lifting, pushing or pulling. And the woman must first learn to activate her abdominal muscles again evenly to withstand greater pressure. If this is neglected, an umbilical hernia, incontinence or even an organ prolapse can occur in the long term.

Fortunately, this can be prevented with a targeted sports program.
By working to relax the shortened muscles to improve posture and then train the weakened muscles to achieve long-term results. And then you’re fit again for High Impact Exercises and Planks :).

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Your Dori