A couple of years ago, when I was in an early stage of pregnancy with our 3rd child,  we were due to have an ultrasound  appointment  where we were told we had lost the baby. It came as complete shock to us. But more shocking was that there is not much care after that. Once you are dealt with by the medical professionals you are supposed to just carry on. And often no-one mentions the baby again, because they don’t want you to get upset.

In our western society we aren’t very often confronted with death. And when it happens that babies die, no-one really talks about the baby or the effects on the mother anymore. Maybe sometimes because people don’t know what to say or sometimes because they feel awkward talking about it. Or even sometimes because you are told, your baby wasn’t even a real baby yet.

However I know many women that have lost babies early on during their pregnancies and some that have lost their baby a little later, and just recently I had a client who lost her baby during labour. And if that isn’t sad enough I don’t think there is enough possibilities of care out there for those mums.

Those beautiful ladies are still mums, but unfortunately they can’t hold their children. And yet their bodies still went through hormonal changes and depending on how long they were carrying, their body shape also started to change and some of them even have a scar from a Caesarean birth. And those mums need and deserve a lot of care afterwards as well.

But  very likely and understandably this mum  doesn’t want to mingle in an usual postnatal exercise class where she sees all the babies and hears the other mums talk about babies…  Losing a child, no matter at what stage of pregnancy needs time to grief and the body and mind needs time to heal.

I offer Postnatal Training and Postnatal Massage in a 1:2:1 setting. And I can help you take care of your body and help you to release some of the tension that might have come with what you just experienced. And it’s totally up to you if you want to talk about your baby or if you just want to relax or exercise. This is a place where I want you to feel welcomed and understood.

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